Texas Reconstruction Project

The Texas Reconstruction Project is a network of de-confederate organizations pursuing public education regarding the history of white supremacy in Texas — especially having to do with slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow — and the removal from public land of every device by which white supremacist actions, individuals, and institutions, especially those related to the Confederacy, are honored. We cannot complete the Reconstruction of Texas, which failed in 1874, but we can clear the way to a more perfect Union by spreading the truth of our history so that we can stop repeating it.

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Confederate Relativism

Defenders of Confederate monuments and the Confederacy itself regularly say that “we can’t judge people of the past by the standards of today”. They thus take for granted that standards can change over time — that what’s moral at one time might be immoral at another. This view is known as ‘moral relativism’. You canContinue reading “Confederate Relativism”

iF yOu fOrGeT yOuR hIsToRy, yOu’Ll rEpEaT iT

No matter how predictable these people get, they somehow never stop shocking me. If you had asked me whether a Trumpian mob would, at their first opportunity, plunder our nation’s Capitol, I’d have said, “Sure, that seems in-character”. And still, I’m shocked into disorientation by today’s events. Today (January 6) is the birthday of CharlesContinue reading “iF yOu fOrGeT yOuR hIsToRy, yOu’Ll rEpEaT iT”

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